DiGiCo training comes to King Sound

Having recently invested in two DiGiCo SD12 touring consoles for our rental stock, we thought it was a good idea to invite DiGiCo along to get us up to speed on all the advanced features these powerful consoles have to offer.

The training took place at the King Sound warehouse so we could train with our own consoles and also have other our equipment at hand, if required.


The session was very interactive with our chef engineers Paul, Dean and Greg attending (we’ve had also few other fellow engineers from other companies joining us our later).


The DiGiCo training normally lasts up to 6 hours and includes tons of material which is basically divided into three sections:

  1. quick start for those who have never used, or seen, a DiGICo console before;

  2. standard tuition that shows all major setup, functions, controls and parameters and then further broken down into chapters specific to features and functions users may wish to gain greater knowledge of;

  3. Advanced configuration designed for those wanting to learn enhanced features such as remote control, mirroring consoles and programming for complex shows and systems.

After brief discussion it was decided to touch up all the parts with the particular emphasis on the advanced set ups and schemes.

Our DiGiCo trainer Tom Williams was both very friendly and knowledgeable. He not only made the whole experience fun and interesting, but also ensured he answered all of our questions, and provided handy advice on getting the best out of DiGiCo set ups, using real world scenarios.