Features Overview

Vox AC30C2 2 x 12 combo. Traditionally, the classic-spec Top Boost AC30 offers chiming clean tones with a brilliant-bordering- on-gritty edge, all of which gets darker and more overdriven as you wind it up. Much of that is in evidence in the Top Boost channel here, but thanks to the master volume setup, it's much easier to coax the AC30C2 into overdrive at lower levels. The Normal channel has less scope for adjustment and is cleaner sounding - we achieved good results jumping the channels with a patch lead and mixing the two. Overall, this amp feels more overdriven than one of the older UK-made reissues, and as a result, slightly less visceral too which is no bad thing. This amp mixes versatile tonal performance with modern build standards at a very attractive price point. 

The AC30C2 offers plenty of headroom for bigger gigs, covers some classic AC30 ground, but with a hotter, slightly more contemporary feel to the overdrive, giving it wider appeal than a vintage-correct reissue. 


Sonor force 2005 All birch, Natural Finish Vox AC30C2 2 x 12 combo.


  •      All-valve 30-watt combo
    •    Twin channel design provides Normal and Top Boost tone
    •    Treble & Bass controls
    •    Gain and Master Volume allow for warm overdrive at any        level
    •    Tremolo & spring Reverb effects
    •    External and extension speaker output jacks
    •    Two Celestion speaker options; G12M “Greenbacks” or Alnico Blues.


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