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The King 15m Orbit stage is a Festival Main stage structure widely used on multi stage festival sites. 

It has the ability to house up to a 15m x 15m performance area, or a 15m x 7.2m performance area with a 7.2m backstage production space. This makes this stage perfect for events with multiple bands. Previous uses of this structure have been on Large Scale Music events and Festivals. It has a heavy-duty Silver PVC canopy that covers the performance platform to keep out the elements. It has an impressive 6t loading capability. This stage can be erected within 2 days of arriving on site.

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Features >

  • Dimensions:   W: 15m | D: 15m | H: 8M

  • Max loading: 1500kg per arch, 6000kg on a 15 x 15m roof

  • Crew: 8 crew

  • Walls: Black/Silver PVC

  • Treads & Steps: 1 set of stage steps provided. Extra stage steps available on request

  • Handrails: Provided.

  • Ramps: loading ramp is available on request. Disabled access is available on request

  • Site requirements: vehicle access for 2 x 45ft articulated trucks level build up site. Public safe 30m x 20m build area

  • Ballast required: 8000-10000 kg. Ballast included concrete or water

  • Stage platforms: platform size and height completely variable