TC Electronic M3000

Essential Stereo Reverb Processor with Multi-Effects and Extensive Presents


£450 ex-VAT

features >

  • Essential stereo reverb processor offers some of the best-sounding and most versatile professional reverbs for music and film production
  • Industry-standard VSS3 reverb technology brings the art of reverberation allows you to recreate incredibly convincing and natural room types
  • Broad suite of effects including delay, pitch, expander / gate and chorus can be used alone or combined with reverb to create exceptional new sonic experiences
  • 600 application-specific factory presets, with each 300 presets dedicated for music production as well as dedicated for film and post-production
  • Dual-engine structure lets you run two reverbs or effects simultaneously and is configurable into six different routing setups to give you great flexibility
  • Smooth music-production-focussed VSS3 and VSS3 Gate algorithms keep the signal in 100% correct pitch, even with extensive effects processing
  • VSS-FP and VSS-SR algorithms make it easy to create realistic-sounding rooms for film and post-production use
  • Wizard function provides a fast and intuitive way to easily navigate through the factory presets and get the sound you need
  • Stores up to 300 user-defined presets, and optionally allows saving an additional 300 user presets to a PCMCIA* card so you can take your creative work with you
  • Easy Mode and Expert Mode effect editing options give you streamlined or wide parameter control, making it simple to create the exact ambiance or effect you want
  • Tap Tempo function lets you keep your time-based effects right on the beat
  • Dynamic Morphing lets you automatically change from the presets on one engine to the presets on the other based on a predefined threshold level, adding amazing impact to a track as the mood shifts in intensity